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Atheta coriaria

Available Sizes:
WACR5C – 500 insects per bottle
WACR3K – 3K insects per bottle

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Atheta coriaria is a parasitic wasp that helps with the biological control of Shore flies (Ephydridae), Fungus gnats (Sciaridae), Western flower thrips (Frankiniella occidentalis).

Fungus Gnat & Root Knot Exterminator – 5 Million Beneficial Nematodes in Retail Pack

S. feltiae is especially effective against Mobile Pests: Fungus gnats, rootknot, ticks, thrips, leaf miners, onion maggots, root maggots, subterranean termites and more. Best Choice for Foliar and Greenhouse Applications.

Approx: 5 million per sponge.
Species: steneirnema feltiae
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Hypoaspis miles / Stratiolaelaps scimitus

Available Sizes:
WHMS – 12.5K insects per pack
WHML – 25K insects per pack
WHM5L – 125K insects per pack

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Hypoaspis is a native species of soil-dwelling mites which feed on small insects and mites. Adults are tan in color and less than 1 mm long. Hypoaspis are used primarily to control young larvae of fungus gnats in the soil or planting media. They also help control soil stages of thrips.